James G.

(St. Louis, MO)

I’ve had Good Feet insoles for over 1 year and have excellent results. Before Good Feet I suffered from plantar fasciitis. Since Good Feet I haven’t had any foot problems. I would recommend them to anyone having problems with their feet.

Ron M.

(Shiloh, IL)

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis in my feet and needed a solution to get my feet back to proper health. I am a runner and didn’t want to stop running The Good Feet store helped with orthotics, which I wear in all my shoes, including my running shoes. I regularly run with the orthotics in my shoes. I am up to 6 miles in distance and the good feet orthotics will be with me when I run my first marathon this April. They really work!

Matthew Y.

(Shiloh, IL)

Had plantar fasciitis, these supports helped tremendously. Have put miles on them every day. They’ve helped so much. Wouldn’t go without them!

Marla B.

(St. Louis, MO)

Amazing- the commercials are so true. My feet feel sooooo great. Customer service is fabulous. Follow up is wonderful. I recommend to anyone and everyone who talks about their feet. Thank You!

Linda R.

(Glen Carbon, IL)

I had so much pain in my heel that I could barely walk. Once I came to the Good Feet store, I was fitted with inserts. There was 100% difference, easy to use, fits in most /all shoes. I have had these for almost a year and have not gone a day without them.

Nicole E

(Smithboro, IL)

As a pharmacist, I stand on my feet all day. Before I first came to the good feet store, my heels hurt so bad that I was walking around on my tip toes all day. My heels would start hurting with my first step out of bed. Now, I can do anything I want and my feet never hurt. I wear them every day and anywhere I go. I love my Good Feet inserts.

David P.

(Mount Vernon, IL)

I Had heel pain more so when getting up in the morning. These arch supports corrected the pain and was able to work without any pain. I love these things and would recommend to anyone.

Eddie M.

(Mascoutah, IL)

I have been a client of Good Feet for over 10 years and have been happily pain free ever since my first visit. Constant pain and discomfort in my knees and ankles brought me to Good Feet and I left that pain and discomfort at their door. The only things I have had to replace over all these years are the liners—the original orthotics are still going strong(all three pairs). I would strongly recommend Good Feet to you, if you have foot, ankle, or hip pain. Good Feet restores your health and your life.

Autumn R.

(Mascoutah, IL)

They help with everyday aches in my feet and knees. I’ve tried arch supports from other places, but nothing compares to the relief that I get from these.

Patrick B.

(Bartelso, IL)

Came to Good Feet over 6 years ago with foot, knee and hip pain. I purchased all 3 sets of orthotics and in less than 30 days, the hip and knee pain was gone. Great product! I wear them all the time.

Reginald H.

(Willowbrook, IL)

I just want to say I love these things, bought them about a year ago , the balls of my feet where hurting. Now that pain is gone. If you’re thinking about buying these, “Do it”.

Susan F.

(St. Louis, MO)

Was having trouble with my feet hurting all the way to my hips and causing back pain. After wearing Good Feet for 1 day my feet stopped rolling in and took pressure off my knees and back. Pain went away a day will not go anywhere without them.

James M.

(St. Louis, MO)

For many years I had reoccurring lower back pain. Chiropractor helped, though only as a temporary fix. Finally, in the summer of 2014 I decided to give the Good Feet store a shot at helping me. Lowell Martin was on duty that day, greeted me at the door, listened to what my issues were, and clearly walked me through the process of what the product system does and how it could aid me. 14 months later I haven't experienced the lower back pain I had previously. I tried everything else, so I have to attribute the improvement to the inserts. I don't go anywhere without them in my shoes. Thanks Lowell and the Good Feet store!

Darwin W.

(St. Louis, MO)

I started using the Good Feet system about 10 years ago. I have noticed (as my chiropractor) that I have little along the lines of back pain and I am able to walk and stand for rather extended periods (which includes power walking and hiking) with little difficulty. I would recommend this approach for better posture, and less to no pain to anyone.

Maricela E.

(Columbia, IL)

I am a skeptical person. Really all the hype of this miraculous product….well I had to see if it was true. Yes it is true! I’ve been on the verge of a knee replacement, but with this product, I haven’t had it yet. The classic exerciser helps to realign my knees and walk with a proper posture. Come and see for yourself!!

Sandy B.

(Murphysboro, IL)

I came 6 years ago, my knee was hurting pretty bad. I got Good Feet and the pain is gone. I just love them, I walked in the store with pain, walking out feeling great!

Suzanne S.

(Marion, IL)

I came to the Good feet store on a whim because of arthritis and back pain, thinking it was all a gimmick. I left here with 3 inserts to put into my shoes. Still reluctant, I started wearing them. The longer I wore them, the more I fell in love with them. I read gas and electric meters, walking all day long up to 18-20 miles a day. Now, I wouldn’t live my life without them.

Luke B.

(Bartelso, IL)

I came in to the Shiloh store about three years ago. I was rolling my feet in, my feet, knees and back were killing me. now it’s all gone. My shoes last longer. My feet, knees and back don’t hurt any more. I love these things and would recommend them to anyone.

Kenneth E.

(Columbia, MO)

Helps reduce knee and hip pain. I am on my feet working all day. I need correct arch supports and The Good Feet Arch Supports works best. Thank You

Carol S.

(Creve Coeur, MO)

I have had pain in my right foot for 2 months and had just received the diagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis from my doctor when I went to the Good Feet Store on Olive. I left wearing the inserts and had no pain. Chris Long was very nice and professional. With their no-interest payment plan, the price is very doable and they have a life-time warranty. I feel like I made a very good decision and expect to be very happy.


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